On behalf of the staff at Riddle Junior/Senior High School, welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  Each year, we strive to have our students succeed in the classroom as well as in life.  We have a tremendous opportunity to improve by out-working, out-competing, and never giving up!


Success largely depends on the student. Here at Riddle Junior/Senior High School, we give them the opportunity for success, but they must be dedicated to strive for the American way of life (out-work, out-compete, and never give up).  By succeeding, in our positive learning environment, students can guarantee themselves a chance for a good life.  Please get involved in extra-curricular activities because this leads to positive outcomes in life.


Remember to be respectful,


and be your best!

William Don Starkweather, Principal

Riddle Junior/Senior High School

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Riddle Irish

RHS Activities & Special Announcements!

January 5, 2021 - The Lady Irish were nominated and chosen as the OSAA / Les Schwab 1A Team of the month for December. The Riddle High School Volleyball Program, spearheaded by our Head Volleyball Coach Shantelle Weakley, banded together throughout the pandemic to support the youth of our community. Riddle Jr./Sr. High School has been holding local volleyball camps since August. We first started outside by creating multiple volleyball courts on our baseball and football fields. This allowed us to support our youth while adhering to the safety protocols set by the state. This program supported up to 35 student-athletes ranging from fourth grade to seniors. Eventually, as the weather turned colder, outside activities became more difficult. We eventually moved inside when it was safe to do so and split out camps up into multiple time frames and days to continue to support our student-athletes safely. When it became evident that we would be able to compete, both our junior high and high school teams spent a week competing against another local school district. The Riddle Family would like to specifically thank our coaching staff, our student-athletes, and our community for the hard work, dedication, and support that has been shown in this difficult time.

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Some of the Leadership students went to the Myrtle Creek Elks Lodge on Friday, May 16th. They were there to get warm winter clothing for students at Riddle Jr./Sr. High School that do not have access to winter clothing.  Riddle Jr.Sr. High School would like to thank the Myrtle Creek Elks Lodge for their support.

Inmates serving life sentences at the Riddle Asylum take time off from breaking rocks to pose for a pictures.

Some Riddle High School students recently toured the University of Oregon campus. 

Riddle High School reading and writing statistics for the PSAT
find out how Riddle students compare to other Oregon students

Riddle School District stats

50% passed both reading and writing

953 average student score

State of Oregon stats

passed both reading and writing

average student score

Group that includes Riddle

41% passed both reading and writing

average student score

Free Smoke Detectors for Citizens of Riddle

The Riddle Fire Department is giving away smoke detectors and free installation to the citizens of Riddle.

       Please  call 541-874-2373 for more information

Pillow Cases for Riddle Students

The ladies from the Baptist Church and Open Bible, both in Riddle, decided to do something nice for all of the students attending Riddle School District.


These ladies spent an entire year working on making pillow cases for over 450 students in the Riddle School District. They also acquired brand new pillows to go along with the new pillow cases.

The group made white pillow cases for the girls and green pillow cases for the boys. Both types of cases had unique edging on them that went with Riddle's mascot of the Irish.

Many of the students i talked to appreciated that these ladies would put in the time and effort to make something just for them.

The staff and students of Riddle Junior/Senior High School would like to thank the ladies of the Baptist Church and Open Bible for their hard work and generosity towards the student of Riddle School District.

Check out the slide show below that shows students of Riddle Junior/Senior High School receiving and holding their new pillows and pillow cases.

Buy Riddle Irish Clothing from Josten's

Josten's has senior clothing or they can make custom Riddle clothing for you.

Any Riddle clothing purchased means that Riddle Jr/Sr. High School gets 12% of the proceeds.

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