I look forward to having your child in my class. What happens in the classroom will affect your child’s future. Your child’s time here will be well spent.  We have a fantastic group of VIP's   (Very Important Pupils) in this class. I am looking forward to a terrific year ahead. With your help, we can make it happen. 

My contact information is below including my mobile number. If you have questions about homework, assignments, classroom happenings, etc., please contact me. 


I want to welcome your child to sixth grade. This is a transition year for your child. Though our class is held at the elementary school, sixth-grade students fall into the middle-school category and expectations for the students are higher. Therefore, our schedule is different than it was when they were in primary and upper elementary classrooms (fewer recesses, for example). However, this allows for more depth in some subjects and participation in other activities and projects.


Communication is very important to me. I use this classroom website and online access to assignments and grades to help keep everyone in the loop. Though I send home progress reports, you can look up grades daily to see how your child is doing.

I will work diligently to keep you informed of all school activities throughout the year. Please contact me with any questions.  

Beverly Scott, Sixth-Grade Teacher

Riddle Elementary School

463 Park Street, Room 15

Post Office Box 270

Riddle, Oregon  97469 

541-874-2226, ext. 3135

Fax: 541-874-3265

Mobile: 541-991-8291 (no text)

Mobile & Text: 559-760-7600


Math - Assignments & More for Big Ideas Math

Riddle School District has adopted Big Ideas Math for sixth-grade mathematics through Algebra 2. Advanced mathematic courses include texts from the same primary author of the Big Ideas Math program, which was written by Ron Larson with support material by Laurie Boswell.


Big Ideas Math utilizes a research-based, balanced instructional approach that includes activities and explorations, which involve student-directed discovery learning, allowing students to develop conceptual understanding. The discovery learning is followed by teacher-directed instruction giving students the opportunity to utilize clear, precise mathematics language and structure. 


To view videos of example problems for student lessons, click the image of the book to the right or visit http://www.bigideasmathvideos.com/. There is also a Smart Phone app. Both of these resources do not require a login and password and provide mutiple examples to complement each lesson.

Click here for video examples. Select Common Core 2014, then click on green book. 

Social Studies - CNN Student News

In our classroom, we watch CNN Student News as part of our Social Studies curriculum. Students learn about current events and geography, take notes, and discuss topics with fellow students (and often with parents--I encourage you to ask your child about each day's episode). CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes. You can see it as a streamed video or download it as a free podcast, both of which are available at http://www.cnn.com/cnn10.


I graduated from Eastern Oregon University with my teaching credential and a minor in reading with a Magna Cum Laude recognition. I also recently completed a masters program in Educational Administration. I completed my student teaching mostly in sixth-grade classrooms knowing that sixth grade was where I wanted to be. I'm extremely grateful that I was hired here in Riddle to do just that and this will be my fourth year here. I taught adults in the past and went back to school to obtain my teaching credential to work with the youth. I was a cheerleading coach before coming to Riddle and now coach the junior/senior high school cheerleaders in Riddle. 


Fortunately, I received a scholarship and attended a NASA training program for teachers a few years ago. I am also attending a science seminar this summer. In addition, I have degrees in biology and bacteriology,

About Ms. Scott

I have a diverse background having served in the Army as a photojournalist/editor, a medical instructor at two colleges in California, marketing designer, Realtor, manager, small-business owner, and community volunteer. I've  been involved in the community serving as president of a Chamber of Commerce, Rotary club, school board, real estate association, and of the California State Society of American Medical Technologists. I've also served as an officer of the Elks, Wild Wonderful Women, and King Vintage Museum. I've served as a member of water and sewer committees for over a decade as well as a member of other community groups.


I enjoy playing the flute and like playing duets with my youngest daughter, Raylynn. We are now learning how to play the Native American flute. I love to read and hope to pass on my love of reading and writing to my students. Hiking and photography are other hobbies I enjoy. Kayaking is something I've discovered since moving to Oregon about 7 years ago. I moved from the mountains located just outside of Yosemite National Park in the Oakhurst, North Fork, and Bass Lake area of Central California.


My daughter, Raylynn, is a sophomore and attends Riddle High School. My other daughter, Sierra, graduated college with a business degree and is working as a substitute teacher in the Fresno, California area. She also got married the summer of 2014 to my son-in-law, Justin. My son, Sky, completed his education degree and is writing novels and working as a substitute teacher. I have a heavenly son as well. His name is Weston Gray Hawk. We also have three pets at home: a Munchkin cat (his name is William Sundance Frodo) and two Guinnea pigs (Winter and Autumn). Winter and Autumn spend much of their time in the classroom.


I look forward to getting to know all of you! 

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