Dual-Credit: English

Echo Gordon, Teacher

Echo was born and raised in Eugene, a teacher's kid, hating the big city with a burning desire to settle in a small town. She landed her first job in Days Creek in 1991 in a community that taught her how to teach. Echo took a break and subbed on the San Juan Islands and helped her family. 

In 2000, she took the Riddle job because really, what were the odds of getting a call to return to South County?!  Little did Echo know she'd find a husband (a Riddle native), make a baby on purpose, and finish her career here (someday). Echo is at the part where she has students of her graduates in class and even her own kid. South County has been very good to her, and she is happy to call Riddle the home of the Gordon Clan.

Echo has a Bachelor of Science from Willamette University and her Masters from Western Oregon.

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Students write on notebooks.


With the cooperation of UCC and SOU, Riddle High School is able to accommodate two years of college English credit.  In alternating years, through UCC, we offer WR121-122.  The next year we are able to offer English through SOU that focuses more on literature.  If a student is attending a state school, all credits transfer and UCC's classes meet the state higher education core requirements.

SOU – ENG104 Introduction to Literature (4 credits) 

This class involves critical reading, discussion, and written analysis of literary texts.  ENG104 focuses on novels and poetry.  Students see and review a film when appropriate.   

SOU – ENG105 Introduction to Literature (4 credits) 

This class involves critical reading, discussion, and written analysis of literary texts.  ENG104 focuses on novels and poetry.  Students see and review a film when appropriate. 

UCC – WR121 (4 credits) 

Writing 121 focuses on rhetorical reading, thinking, and writing as means of inequity.  Students will gain fluency with key rhetorical concepts and utilize thee in a flexible and collaborative writing process, reflection on their writing process with the goal of developing metacognitive awareness.  They will employ conventions, including formal citations, appropriate for a given writing task, attending to the constraints of audience, purpose, genre, and discourse community. 

UCC – WR122 (4 credits) 

Writing 122 continues the focus of WR121 unit review of rhetorical concepts and vocabulary, in the development of reading, thinking and writing skills along with metacognitive competencies understood through the lens of a rhetorical vocabulary understood through the lens of a rhetorical vocabulary. Specifically, students will identify, evaluate, and construct chains of reasoning, a process that includes an ability to distinguish assertion from evidence, recognize and evaluate assumptions, and select appropriately for a rhetorical task.  Students will employ a flexible, collaborative, and appropriate composing process, working in multiple genres, and utilizing at least two modalities.