On behalf of the staff at Riddle Junior/Senior High School, welcome to the 2020-2021 school year.  Each year, we strive to have our students succeed in the classroom as well as in life.  We have a tremendous opportunity to improve by out-working, out-competing, and never giving up!

Success largely depends on the student. Here at Riddle Junior/Senior High School, we give them the opportunity for success, but they must be dedicated to strive for the American way of life (out-work, out-compete, and never give up).  By succeeding, in our positive learning environment, students can guarantee themselves a chance for a good life.  Please get involved in extra-curricular activities because this leads to positive outcomes in life.

Riddle Junior/Senior High School

147 Main Street | Post Office Box 6

Riddle, Oregon  97469

541-874-2251 | 541-874-3510 Fax

Principal William Starkweather

William Don Starkweather, Principal


Fun with Riddle Jr./Sr. High School students, staff, and community supporters!

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Homecoming Powder Puff Game. Team grabs for the flags of the running back. The running back's left foot makes contact with a player on the opposing team.

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