Bev Scott named 2021 Oregon Regional Teacher of the Year

Riddle Junior/Senior High School Life Science Teacher Beverly Scott was named Douglas County’s 2021 Regional Teacher of the Year. Scott has taught in the Riddle School District for almost 7 years (with 13 years of experience in the education field). She currently teaches biology, anatomy, general science courses, and dual-credit/CTE allied health courses.  She was a Fund for Teachers Fellow in 2019 and is a member of the Douglas County Regional Educator Network (REN) Coordinating Body. She also serves as the District Communications Director and the Junior High Athletic Director.

Riddle School District Superintendent Dave Gianotti noted Scott’s knack for helping students overcome obstacles. “Ms. Scott has taken students who have low skills and moved them back to grade level,” Gianotti said. “Not only does she understand what students need, she knows how to move them forward.”

Riddle Junior/Senior High School Principal William Starkweather commended Scott for her dedication to helping students learn and grow. “Whenever Ms. Scott notices a roadblock for her students, she becomes an advocate for change,” Starkweather said. “She routinely meets with me to discuss what is best for her students: Saturday School teacher, extra time with students, minimizing interruptions with students, technology, professional development, and most importantly, lending a helping hand for those students in need beyond the classroom.”