Riddle Elementary students are not being released early tomorrow, May 7, for the Riddle Jr./Sr. High School Homecoming Parade. Some RES teachers may elect to watch the parade with their students, but RES students are not participating in the parade this year. The parade is earlier this year (starting at 11 a.m.) to accommodate high school athletic events (baseball and softball) at 2 p.m.
3 days ago, Bev Scott
This upcoming week, May 3-7, is Homecoming Week for Riddle Jr./Sr. High School. The Elementary School will be participating in some of the dress-up days. (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are the same as the high school.) Monday, May 3: Camouflage Day Tuesday, May 4: Hawaiian Day Wednesday, May 5: Picture Day, so no Dress-up Day. Thursday, May 6: Panther Day (Wear Red & Black) Friday, May 7: Riddle Irish Green & White Day
7 days ago, Bev Scott
Here is a reminder about our Riddle Jr./Sr. High School "Homecoming Days" this week: Monday is Camo Day. Tuesday is Hawaiian Day. Wednesday is Class Color Day (7th-red, 8th-blue, 9th-yellow, 10th-orange, 11th-white, 12th-green, and staff-hot pink). Thursday is 1950's Day. Friday is Green and White Day.
7 days ago, Bev Scott
Hello Riddle Irish Family. HOMECOMING NEXT WEEK. See all the activities on our web page and Facebook.. BE HERE FOR THE FUN!!! GO IRISH!
9 days ago, Bill Starkweather
Homecoming Week
Homecoming Week
Good morning Riddle Irish Seniors! Reminder that Seniors need to be passing all their classes by the third Friday in May 5/21 and be on-track to graduate in order to walk at Graduation. Remember, Graduation is June 12th at 11am. GO IRISH!
13 days ago, Bill Starkweather
For families of our Riddle Jr. High Girls Basketball Players (5th-8th): We have 5 fan spots open and a gate person available for Wednesday's home game vs. North Douglas at 4:30 PM; however, you must register by Tuesday. Contact Coach Klaessy or Ms. Scott.
13 days ago, Bev Scott
Riddle Jr./Sr. High School is hosting a high school track meet this afternoon starting at 3:30 p.m. with up to six schools. Spectators are not allowed at this event; however, we need adult volunteers. If you'd like to come to the track meet and volunteer (a mask is required), please call the high school at 541-874-2251.
17 days ago, Bev Scott
We invite you to join us at our Riddle School District Board Meeting this evening at 7, April 21 at the school district office. We also have a Budget Committee Meeting next week on Wednesday, April 28 at 6 p.m. in the Riddle Elementary School gym. This is a public meeting and all are invited to discuss the proposed programs with the committee. A copy of the budget document may be inspected on the district website 48 hours prior to the meeting.
18 days ago, Bev Scott
The OSAA Executive Board distributed this memo today (see image) about face covering requirements. In order for our interscholastic events to continue, the state's requirements must be followed by participants, coaches, officials, and spectators. They are asking that adults set the example for students by modeling adherence.
20 days ago, Bev Scott
OSAA Executive Board Memo about Compliance with State's Face Covering Requirements
Parent-Teacher Conferences have arrived. They are today, Monday, April 19. Therefore, there is no school for students today. We look forward to meeting with parents and students. Please contact your homeroom teacher or school if you have any questions. Have a fabulous day!
20 days ago, Bev Scott
The Riddle Junior High Track Team had an awesome meet at Glide on Wednesday. In the 100 meters, Austin Watson was 3rd with a PR of 15.67, Parker Jaynes was 4th with a PR of 15.86. For the girls, Hannah Howard was 6th, Lilly George was 9th with a PR of18.66, and Kaleigh Braier-Howard had a PR of 19.06. In the 200 meters, Hannah and Lilly both ran for the first time taking 5th and 7th respectively with 36.81 and 38.89. In the 400 meters, Adolfo Pequeno ran for his first time with a 3rd-place finish of 1:06 (all others were 8th graders). In hurdles, Adolfo was 2nd with a PR of 17.34; it was Serenea Miles' first time running and she placed 2nd at 26.31. In shot put, Parker was 5th at 24'3", Kaleb Raines was 7th at 24'-0, and first-time competing Vincent Undercoffer placed 8th with 20'3". For the girls, Emma Cheeseman placed 1st at 14'10" and Kaleigh was 2nd with a PR at 12'8". In discus, Adolfo placed 1st with a PR of 75'4", Austin was 4th with a PR of 68'2 1/2", Kaleb was 6th with a PR of 60'6 1/2", Danner Hargraves was 7th at 56'10". For the girls, Ayla Hildebrande placed 1st with a PR of 57'8", Serenea was 3rd with a PR of 40'10 1/2", and Emma was 4th with a PR of 40'5". In javelin, Parker placed 1st with a PR of 76'8", Austin was 2nd with a PR at 75'4 1/2", Danner was 4th with a PR of 66'11". For the girls, Ayla placed 1st with a PR at 65'9", Kaleigh was 2nd with a PR at 30'5", Emma was 3rd with a PR of 25'3". In long jump, Adolfo was 2nd at 12' 8", Danner was 5th with a PR of 11'2", Austin was 6th at 10'5". For the girls, Ayla was 5th at 9'4", Hannah was 8th with a PR at 8'9", Lilly was 9th with a PR at 8'6", Serenea was 10th at 7'8", Kaleigh was 11th with a PR at 7'6", and Emma was 13th with a PR at 5'7". Coach Thompson is really proud of all they accomplished in such a short time.
24 days ago, Bev Scott
Hello, Riddle Irish! Season 3 is off to a roaring start. As a reminder, all athletes and spectators must wear a mask over their mouth and nose at events. OSAA has told us that if this protocol is not followed, spectators will not be allowed at the games or our season 3 will be cancelled. We do know how masks can be an inconvenience, but the sporting season is about having our kids able to finally play sports. Go, Irish!
25 days ago, Riddle High School
Final scores for this first day of softball and baseball. Riddle Softball tied 15 to 15, and Riddle/Days Creek Baseball fell to Oakland in the eighth inning 13 to 9.
26 days ago, Bev Scott
Let's play ball! Riddle baseball and Riddle softball have their first game today in Riddle at 4:30 p.m. Both teams are playing Oakland.
26 days ago, Bev Scott
Congratulations to the Days Creek/Riddle Football Team who finished the season with a 5-0 season this past Friday, April 9. Justin Jenks, a Riddle junior, said, “I’ve been friends with all these kids for years. Coming to play sports (at Days Creek) was a cool experience.” Our Riddle football players completing the season this year included seniors Peyton Miller and Hunter Buchanan, junior Justin Jenks, sophomore Tanner Dobeck, and freshman Tyler Dobeck. We now look forward to another combined effort for baseball. Days Creek baseball players are joining Riddle baseball players with our new Riddle Baseball Coach Larry Stephenson. The first baseball game takes place today versus Oakland at 4:30 p.m.
26 days ago, Bev Scott
Just a reminder from the Riddle School District that tomorrow, Friday, April 9, is an in-service day and there is no school for students.
about 1 month ago, Bev Scott
Riddle Irish Volleyball Team went 1 for 1 this weekend during the season opener this weekend at the Elkton Outdoor Courts. Days Creek swept Riddle in 3 sets, but Riddle came back the next day and Downed Yoncalla in 4. Friday 3/12 vs. Days Creek JV: Riley Chambers 8 Aces, served 21/22 Hannah Weakley 6 Aces, 3 Kills, 4 Assists, 2 Digs Served 19/23 Chloe Wynegar 2 Aces, 2 Kills, 4 Assists, Served 8/10 Kalee Hulse 1 Ace, 4 Kills, 1 Dig, 4 perfect passes, Served 13/14 Anna Dannehl had 2 kills, 1 Dig and served 2/5 Zarah Hayes had 2 perfect passes, and served 2/4 Some of the ❌’s and ⭕️’s , and a tic tac toe The team had an 83% serving rate and 🚫 Dropped Balls! -As we started to get our nerves out, we started to bring the heat and was able to force the opponent to time out first in set 3! -Riley and Hannah each served 5 or more in a row -We had at least 10 front row attacks -We pulled ahead of the opponent by 5 points twice -We dug the ball out of the net twice -We sent tips to the deep corners 8 times Final scores! Set 1- 16-25 DC Set 2- 19-25 DC Set 3-25-21 Riddle Set 4-25-16 DC Varsity: Emilee Ball- 3 kills, 2 digs, 4 aces and served 20/21 Madison Hold floor captain- 3 kills, 5 digs, 2 assists, 1 ace, served 3/6 Maisee Davenport- 1 kill, 1 assist, 1 dig, 1 ace, 1 block (at least) also she served 6/8 and at least two were jump serves (if not more than that) Sammy Linton- 8 assists, 3 blocks, served 10/12 Taya Powell- 2 Kills, 4 digs, 2 Blocks, served 1/3 Ellie George- 3 kills, 1 Dig, Served 4/5 Paige Knight- 1 perfect pass ...Some of the ❌’s and ⭕️’s , and another tic tac toe -The team had an 80% serving rate and 🚫 Dropped Balls! -We got the first point once (haha inside joke) -Emilee got at least 5 serves in a row three times. Once each of the three sets! -We had at least 23 front row attacks -5 back row attacks -Maisie had at least 2 jump serves over and in -We dug the ball out of the net three times -We tipped the ball to the deep corners 3 times Final scores! Set 1- 15/25 DC Set 2- 19/25 DC Set 3- 21/25 Saturday March 13 Downed Yoncalla in 4 sets Sammy Linton 3 Kills, 3 Assists, 2 Digs, 5 aces Served 21/22 Taya Powell, 2 Kills, 2 Digs, 3 aces Served 7/10 Emilee Ball, 3 Kills 4 Aces Served 8/15 Madison Hold 2 Kills, 5 Assists, 1 Dig 7 Aces Served 17/22 Maisie Davenport 1 Kill, 1 Dig 4 Aces, Served 10/12 Chloe Wynegar 1 Kill, 1 Dig 1 Ace, Served 3/5 Hannah Weakley 3 Kills, 2 Assists, 2 Digs 2 Aces, Served 3/7 ...Some of the ❌’s and ⭕️’s , and another tic tac toe -The team had an 74% serving rate (ouch) and 🚫 Dropped Balls! -We got the first point once -Sammy, Taya and Madison each got at least 5 serves in a row -We had at least 24 front row attacks -8 back row attacks -Maisie had at least 2 jump serves over and in -Pulled ahead of the opponent by at least 5 points in all 3 sets and -We forced the opponent to timeout first Final scores! Set 1- 21-25 Yoncalla Set 2- 25-19 Riddle Set 3- 25-23 Riddle Set 4- 25-12 Riddle Riddle travels to Pacific today at 12:30 for an away Varsity Match to begin at 4pm. Live streaming will be on the Riddle School District Facebook Page. Go Irish!
about 2 months ago, Riddle High School
Riddle Irish vollebyall team take a group picture by the river.
The Riddle School District Board of Directors will be having a Regular Board Meeting on Wednesday March 17, 2021. The Regular Board meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at 401 First Avenue, in Riddle. The meeting will be held In-person following social distancing and PPE guidelines. The Board will be discussing… 1. Approve the contract for High School Seismic Retrofit. 2. District Reports/ COVID Update 3. Adopt the Budget Calendar for 2021-2022 school year To view the PDF meeting announcement, visit: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1168523/Board_Meeting_Announcement_March_17__2021.pdf
about 2 months ago, Bev Scott
Board Meeting Announcement March 17
Riddle High School picture day for students, staff, and sports teams is Wednesday, March 31. When additional information about ordering pictures is available, we will provide to students and families.
about 2 months ago, Riddle High School
Picture day notice: March 31 for students & sports teams
Our Riddle Irish Volleyball team will play their first game this Friday against Days Creek at Elkton. We are grateful for the Elkton School District for providing this facility so our athletes can play. Thanks, Elkton!
2 months ago, Bev Scott
Elkton outdoor volleyball court